Thursday, April 19, 2012

Is everyone else REALLY wrong?

What do you do when you are in the minority of thought? What would you do if ALL your staff members were opposed to the direction you, the leader, was planning to go?

Servant leaders are called to serve the people who work for/with them. My guess would be that if you have made a decision that goes against all your staff members that there is a good potential that you are in the wrong.

What do you do when a leader refuses to hear counsel from the people they hired and trust to help them? In one case, the entire staff resigned and left. At that point I would probably drop to my knees and say something like, "Dear God, where have I gone wrong?"

I would love to hear your ideas. Be polite and respectful please.

Tye out.


buddy burton photography said...

I would ask God first of all how to make this wrong a right.

Tye said...

Thanks for your comment Buddy. The problem here is that the leader refuses to listen to godly counsel. This is a pattern for self-serving leaders and unfortunately they will never listen believing that they know what is right. It destroys churches, businesses and organizations all the time.