Saturday, August 21, 2021

A lot has changed

Have you ever forgot one of your kids? I did. I completely zoned out and left my son at school. Thank God for cell phones! Well, I almost forgot that I have a blog!

I left blogging because I started using Facebook as my platform, but more and more I'm disliking using Facebook. I'm not leaving it yet, but definitely have thought about it. 

Since my last post, God gave me a strong desire to begin the search for a church in need of a senior pastor. This is completely contrary to my thinking and attitude in the past and can only be explained by an answer to prayer. God completely changed my heart. 

After a search of about 8 months which included a pandemic shutdown and a derecho in August, the Lord opened a door for us at Wellspring Church in Mount Pleasant, Iowa. We are very excited about this opportunity and now for eight months we have been the senior pastor there.

More to come? We'll see!

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