Monday, June 26, 2006

A Graduation Party

Charley Snodgrass and Andrew
(click on pic for slideshow)

Andrew's graduation party was June 17th (man, I'm behind on my blogging!) and as usual it was a tremendous team effort. Our small group helped us get everything organized and then they came out and helped us get everything set up. We decided on a taco bar and it was a great hit!

Thanks to everyone who helped us!

  • Jon and Kathryn Hufford - Kathryn master-minded the event! (Jon painted the rock - see pic!)
  • Tom and Jane Kelly - they came early and helped us get all the food set up (Tom helped Jon paint the rock)
  • Gina and Natalie Kaufman - they kept the buffet line full and our guests happy
  • Spooner - tables and chairs
  • Dan and Robin Koskamp - loaning us the canopy (and setting it up)
  • Sharon Pagel - set-up and decorations
  • Loretta Bushlack - memory board design
  • LeAnn Bird - clean up

Also, thanks to everyone who came by and wished Andrew well. It was a great day!

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