Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Greg Walker & Dan Van Zoest guide

the piano off the truck
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Welp, on Friday morning at approximately 10:47am we finished signing papers to become home owners once again. yeah! Then, at noon we started loading the rental truck for a move of a whopping 1.3 miles! At 9:45pm we finished getting everything to the new house and thanks to JoDee Martin (and probably others as well) the rental house we had been using was clean!

The real story here is teamwork! Todd Stafford, my accountability partner, came over and with only 4 people (Andrew, Austin, Todd, and me) loaded almost all the boxes and the beds in about 3 hours. By 5pm we had all the boxes and beds moved into the new house.

Then, a wonderful team of ladies helped Judy move the kitchen and get everything settled. They really worked hard! After a couple of hours the kitchen was moved and ready to go. WOW!

Then at 5:30pm our second crew of helpers showed up and we started moving the furniture. Two pieces of furniture were to be the most challenging - our piano and the TV Armoir (who invented those Armoirs?). Even though the rental company did not give us the dolly we had agreed to, we were still able to get the piano out the door and on the truck without too much difficulty. At the new house we backed the truck up to the front door and put the ramp right on the threshold and rolled the piano into the foyer and right into the living room. It was a sight to behold! The armoir wasn't as easy as the piano, but the men did a fantastic job!

Saturday morning another team of workers came over and helped us wrap things up at the rental house. We were able to get the garage cleared out enough to walk through it! Then, Jeremy and Loretta Bushlack helped us set up a couple of rooms: the garage and the family room. Jeremy hooked up our washer and dryer with some new hoses. By the end of the day we had the garage cleared enough to get a car in! Amazing! Thanks!

Thanks to everyone who helped make this move happen by helping us in one way or another. The list is long, but here goes:

Todd Stafford, Austin Spooner, Karen Veldhuizen, Ann & Amanda Paulsen, Gina & Natalie Kaufman, John & Sandy Herder, Kathryn & Jon Hufford, Greg & Lisa Walker, Jody & Brian Wohlers, Tom & Tammy Burns, Jeremy & Loretta Bushlack, Jon Peterson, Steve Jenkins, Chris Evans, Dave & Stenner Kvindlog, Tom Green, Dan Van Zoest, Tom & Jane Kelly, JoDee Martin, Kim & Sharon Pagel, Tim Glass, Alan & Lynn Kritzman (we bought the house from them and they brought us cookies to enjoy!) and Jody Pence (our realtor). WOW! What a team! I sure hope I didn't miss anyone because it was a little hectic at times! That's 35 people!

Thanks to everyone! You are the greatest!

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