Monday, March 06, 2006

American Girl Dolls & Pajamas

Nellie and Mackenzie

We are an American Doll family. Granny (Judy's mom) has purchased the girls and American Girl doll about the time they were 7 or 8 years old. This year was Mackenzie's turn and she was able to get her doll. Having looked at all the dolls, she really wanted the Nellie doll. The dolls each have a historical context in which they were born. Here's a little bit about Nellie:

Nellie O'Malley is a resourceful, smart and resiliant orphan girl growing up in 1906 New York who is trying to find a way to keep the promise she made to her dying mother - to keep her family together. Orphaned and abandoned by their uncle, Nellie and her little sisters are living with her best friend Samantha Parkington's family. Best of all, Samantha's Uncle Gard and Aunt Cornelia want to adopt all three of the O'Malley girls.

Nellie was added to the collection of American Girls in June 2004. Even though Nellie was the ninth historical girl added after the collection was launched in 1986, she is really part of Samantha's collection. It appears that Nellie will not be a limited edition doll as earlier reported, but this has yet to be confirmed by official sources.
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I really enjoy watching our daughters use their creative abilities when they play with their dolls. Congratulations Mackenzie on your new American Girl Doll.

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