Monday, March 06, 2006

Get your bills paid, supernatually (just for a laugh)

(Idea and some content taken from Monday Morning Insight)

I am grace-oriented, most of the time. But, those guys on TV that tell you that if you will only trust God and live for Him you'll be healthy, wealthy, and wise. Name it, claim it; blab it, grab it is their mantra. What are we supposed to tell the people in third world countries. And those poor people who send in there money hoping to get God's blessing. I like what David Ring said about this:

The glory boys tell you that it is God's will for you to be healed! Then, they take out their glasses to read the precious word of God - DUH!

Enough of the soapbox. Robert Tilton wrote a book telling you how to pay your bills supernaturally. Here's what his website says:

There's the world's way of trying to pay off bills, and there's God's way of supernaturally paying off bills. The Holy Spirit will stir you through these words that you will know nothing is impossible unto you.

Well, someone with too much time on their hands did a hilarious video that I promise will bring a tear to your eyes! Click here and prepare to laugh your head off!

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