Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Happiness is a new puppy!

The newest member of our family

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Sunday we took a drive down to Shueyville to the Johnson's place and picked up our new puppy. Riley is a 15 week old Maltese/Pomeranian mix who seems to be very happy in his new home. He won't shed and he won't get much bigger than 7-10 pounds. A perfect dog for our family!

Actually, I should have titled this "A Promise Kept." Before we left Wadsworth Ohio and was trying to sell our house, our dog Jack was making life difficult for us. He was an outdoor dog that we tried to keep indoors and it wasn't a good combination. So, I (me, myself, and I) returned Jack to his original owners who were happy to have him back. This did NOT win me any brownie points with my kids however. I promised them that when we got our new house we would look for a dog.

Well, at our graduation party Jody Pence (our realtor who found our new house) told us that she knew of someone who was selling puppies that would be perfect for us. And the rest is history. You gotta love a realtor who finds you a house, a puppy, and all the while becomes a great friend! We love you Jody!


Anonymous said...

we love the new dog!!!! He is sooooooooooo cute!!!
~Sarah & Natalie

Mark E. Eades said...

Gratz on the new addition to the family. Has the puppy relived itself on your new home's floor yet? LOL