Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Cynicism is not a spiritual gift

I can be a cynic - it just depends on the circumstances Like for instance when something is planned and the planning stage drags on and on. I'm all like, "let's just get this thing going!" Or when it comes to good grades, especially in college. The straight A student is most likely blessed with smart genes, gifted by God, and somewhat disciplined. How can you reward genes and God's gifting? Besides, the A student typically studies the teacher and learns how to tell them what they want to hear on testing day. Sometimes this actually translates into learning. That's cynical!!!

Well I took a look at the spiritual gifts inventory and couldn't find cynicism anywhere. I read an article with this same title (Cynicism is not a Spiritual Gift) today by Dave Burchett and thought I would share it with you. Click here to read the entire article. Dave offers five ways to keep from being cynical:

1. I am that wretch the song talks about. I needed God's amazing grace as much as anyone and without it I am absolutely destitute and hopeless. It is easy for me to look down on others until I realize that "but for the grace of God, there go I."

2. I need to focus on Jesus. when I take my eyes off the Lord and begin gawking at people, his church, or any other thing I can become cynical about others, the church, or even possessions.

3. I don't have any idea what other people are going through. That person who just barked at you for no apparent reason may be going through some personal hell that you cannot even begin to comprehend. We need to minister to them not by being cynical, but by giving them grace and mercy.

Click here to read the last two items.

Today I want to be a person of grace and mercy. It is easy to be cynical and critical, but that is not what God wants from us. How can you be God's agent of grace and mercy to someone today? Tye out.

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