Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My testimony - part 2

Let the wicked abandon their way of life and the evil their way of thinking. Let them come back to God, who is merciful, come back to our God, who is lavish with forgiveness.
Isaiah 55:7 The Message

Yesterday I talked about how I walked away from a lifestyle of living for God and turned toward a lifestyle of serving myself. Then between my freshman and sophomore year of college a friend witnessed to me about the love of Christ and for the first time in four years I acknowledged my relationship with Christ.

That summer I decided not to return to the College Conservatory of Music to continue my studies in the Jazz/Studio Music program. I eventually gave my life back to the Lord and returned to worshipping him rather than myself.

I had difficulty understanding how God could forgive me for turning my back on him and living such an ungodly lifestyle when a friend showed me this passage in Isaiah 55:7. I would eventually come to accept God's mercy and his forgiveness which set me free to live a life wholly devoted to him. Without that sense of forgiveness I felt that I could never measure up and God could never be happy with me.

The Creator God loves you with an everlasting love. He has provided his son to die on a cruel cross in your place thus demonstrating his love for you and now he stands ready to forgive you. Why not ask his forgiveness today and walk away with a clean slate? Tye out.

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