Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lifestyle Change Pt 2

Yesterday I talked about some lifestyle choices I am making to be a healthier me so that I will still be around for my grandkids, AND be able to kick their butts on a bike ride. I'm not going on some RADICAL diet, but rather trying to do things that will help me be healthier in the long haul.

Today I want to share about some of the things I am NOT doing in order to be healthier:

1. No red meat - exception: when at Outback Steakhouse once a year.

2. Low to no saturated fats - I've been doing this for a while anyhow.

3. Ice cream? - nope. Maybe once or twice a month for a treat.

4. Sweets - anything that is high in sugar is off the list.

That's it for now. Would love to hear what is going on in your "dietary" lifestyle. Tye out.

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Anonymous said...

vegetables, protein, whole grains, fiber and lots of water. Anxious to taste a new recipe I made last night: Rhubarb Rumble. It has rhubarb, sugar-free jello, sugar-free vanilla pudding and fat-free milk in a reduced-fat graham cracker crust.