Thursday, August 10, 2006

The doctrine of Hairology

Ok, let's have some fun. I subscribe to Monday Morning Insight and this is one I have to pass on. I don't know where they got this "sermon" on the doctrine of "Hairology." I laughed harder this morning than I have in a long time. So, here is what MMI ( had on their site: (Click here to go to MMI's page)

As a public service to our Friday audience at MMI, I thought I would pass on this from our sermon archive. This one is by famous evangelist Dr. G. I. Barber. For many of you who grew up (like I did) in a strict theological setting, I'm sure Dr. Barber's "Doctrine of Hairology" will bring back some memories. Listen, enjoy, and be convicted (if need be)...

Click here to listen. It will take a little bit to fully download. Please be patient (it’s worth it).

I hope you enjoyed it!

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