Thursday, August 10, 2006

Leadership Summit - Peoria, IL

(See the badge? Proof I'm at
Leadership Summit!)

I'm writing from Leadership Summit at the Peoria Illinois. Our church is a member of the Willow Creek Association and this is one of the highlights of our year here - actually it's my first year! Today we heard from Bill Hybels who motivated us to spend our time developing leaders and gave us a great pathway concept for doing just that.

Next up was James Meeks, pastor of Salem Baptist in Chicago's Roseland's neighborhood. He said that "everything that is planted is supported is supposed to grow." In other words, the church is supposed to grow. Like the weeds among the wheat, there are enemies of church growth:

1. Lack of faith
2. Lack of Knowledge
3. Failure to realize that God is no respector of persons (God loves Bill Hybels and Rick Warren just as much as he loves me)
4. Growth is ALWAYS the goal of a NT church
5. An unsure pastor
6. Failure to build upon small victories
7. Failure to preach the announcements (ask me)
8. Lack of corporate prayer and fasting
9. Getting started - analysis paralysis
10. Motive (check this out...)
Are we building the church for our sake, or the kingdom sake?

Next up was one of my favorite pastors, Andy Stanley, pastor of North Point in Atlanta, GA. The title of his talk was "The Best Leadership Decision I've ever Made." He challenged us that if we were going to cheat someone (because of the demands of ministry and family) that we choose to cheat the ministry. Here's why:

  • Jesus promised us that he would build his church.
  • He then commanded us (husbands) to love our wives as Christ loved the church.

The problem? We think that Jesus is supposed to care for our family while we are busy building the church. This is wrong.

Andy only works 45 hours per week. As senior pastor he encourages his people that if they need to cheat somewhere on their time, cheat on the ministry and not their families. His church actually takes off the week of Christmas - no services at all! Now THAT is a commitment to the families of the church!

It all boils down to focus. Leaders must be focused!

The last speaker was Peg Neuhauser who talked on Tribal Warfare. She talked about the anatomy of a conversation and gave us some cool tips on conflict resolution.

It was an awesome day and I have a lot to think about. I capped the day off with a 10 mile bike ride.

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