Tuesday, August 29, 2006

We believe in training our leaders!

Steve Lizzio and me

This past weekend our adult ministries equipping staff (Erin Bird, Pat Reick, James Wartian, Kim Pagel and me) was privileged to provide an awesome training for all our ABF leaders. There were 45 of us in attendance Saturday morning and it was a total success.

First of all, Steve just oozes with passion for discipleship and ABF communities as well as small groups. He shared with us tons of illustrations about ABFs that were successful and some of the over-the-top things they had done to celebrate community. The last session he talked about the 10 deadly sins of ABFs.

It was cool to collaborate with the leadership team of my ABF Parents With Teens. In fact, we have already implemented something that came out of the conference.

I am so excited that I am part of a church that values its leaders and we put our money where our hearts are. Personally, it was a joy to get to know another servant-leader who lives his life for others and Jesus. He was an open-book for us and I'm glad he came!

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