Monday, September 04, 2006

Steve-o the crocodile hunter is dead

Terri & Steve Irwin

I feel sad this morning. It started off as a good day with a 17 mile bike ride - it was a bit chilly but still enjoyable none the less. I got back home and opened my laptop to discover that Steve Irwin the crocodile hunter had died. I liked that guy. He did things that I wish I could do. I'm kind of a scared-ee-cat and not much of a risk taker, but I admire those who do.

It's strange to feel sadness over someone I don't even know, but then again I feel like I knew Steve because we do share some things in common: we're are both fathers, husbands, and human beings. Terri, his wife, will now raise an 8 yr old daughter and 3 year old son alone. His 3 year old will prob not remember much about daddy-o.

CNN interviewed Jack Hanna, dir. emeritus of the Columbus Zoo, who knew Steve quite well. When asked about the way Steve died Jack said that the Sting Ray has a God-given barb on its tail to protect from predators. hmmm

God-given barb. I wonder if Jack is a believer. A quick Yahoo! search brought up an article in Today's Christian that confirmed that he was a believer. Click here to see article.

I wonder if Steve-o knew the Lord. I hope he did. I hope Terri has a support group. She’ll need it now.

So, today, let's celebrate the life God has given us and say a prayer for Terri Irwin and the kids. Also, let's share the love of God with someone today, and if necessary use words.

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