Thursday, September 28, 2006

Cool Created Creatures at the Cincinnati Zoo

(Granny Nickloes, unidentified kid, Morgan, Judy, Andrew, Mackenzie, and Allyson)

Man, I'm behind on the blogging thing. You could tell, couldn't you! Well, back in August we took a week off and went to Cincinnati to visit family and the family decided that they wanted to go to the Cincinnati Zoo for a day, so that's what we did. Click on the pic above to see a slideshow.

It was an awesome day at the zoo as we marvelled at God's creation. The variety was incredible. While most of what we saw is explained by zoologists as a work of evolution. Well, that takes a lot of faith and I'm not buying it. God created some of the most extrordinary creatures I've ever seen. Most of them have been given engenious camoflage that gives them the ability to hide from predators.

But I have to say that the most incredible created creations were those wonderful people who accompanied me to the zoo. God has blessed me with such a wonderful family. Thank you Lord!

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