Saturday, September 23, 2006

I'm glad it's Saturday!

Whew! This was an extremely busy week. It started out with a day off on Monday that turned out to be a work day for me. I am teaching lessons now (sax, flute,clarinet) on Monday night and I now have three students. Tuesday was the typical busy day getting ready for staff meeting. In addition to this, I have been busy trying to arrange meetings for Men's Fraternity PM and Adult Singles ABF. I am also the point person for our Impact that launches October 8th and we are launching over 60 groups.

Wednesday morning I arrived at the church at 5:15 AM to get ready for the official launch of Men's Fraternity. We were all humbled when 142 men showed up. Then It was more emails meetings, and getting ready to meet with the Men's Fraternity PM leadership team Wednesday evening. I got home around 9 PM.

Thursday our Men's Fraternity AM met to debrief, uh, celebrate Thursday morning at 6:30 AM. Then it was more emails and arranging meetings. Lunch was L.C.A.E. (Linn County Association of Evangelicals) at the Salvation Army. Then another meeting. Back to the office for more emails and work on the MF PM.

Thursday night I played with a city big band at the IMax center. That was a welcome rest and a lot of fun in a busy week.

Friday, typically my day off turned into another work day as I worked on MF PM promo materials. I also met with a couple for whom I am playing for their wedding in October. Friday night I played at Covington Church in a "Singspiration" - remember those? Darryl Broderick and I performed some pretty bluesy numbers on piano and sax. It was a lot of fun, but a late night.

This morning I was at the church at 7:45 AM for Leadership Community. I got to play in the band and the whole morning was phenomenal. I came home for a couple of hours, and then back to the church for a premarital meeting then back home for a few hours before small group tonight.

Whew - what a busy week, but a good one. Praise the Lord for the ministries that are finally coming together. Tomorrow I will be leading an Impact Host Orientation at 11 AM and then Adult Singles ABF planning meeting at 6:30 PM. Our team is coming together nicely and we are excited about this new ministry here at NCBC for adult singles.

I am so thankful God brought us here to NCBC where I have the opportunity to lead ministry, equip leaders, and make disciples through many different avenues.

I'm going to bed. Nighty-night.

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