Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Men's Fraternity PM

Brian, Steve, Zach, David, & Joe

Tonight we kicked off Men's Fraternity PM and we had 17 guys there. Just like the morning version, we had the banner out front of Joe's house with a flood light on it - I think we confused a couple of airline pilots trying to land at the airport :) There were more pick up trucks than cars and minivans - my kind of meeting.

Hats off to Joe Meyer and the leadership team of Men's Fraternity PM - Steve Boerhave, Zach, Harlan, Brian Wohlers. It was cool watching all those cars stream down Landau Drive in seach of a men's group that is geared to helping men lead lives of authentic manhood.

Joe started the evening version of MF in reponse to many men who could not make it to the AM Men's Fraternity. Thank you so much for opening your home and being so gracious to lead this awesome group.

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