Sunday, September 17, 2006

Uncommon Valor

Sunday night my son and I stayed up until 1 AM watching a documentary by a frenchman on firefighters that was being filmed in New York City when the call for the first hit on the World Trade Centers took place. I was rivoted from the opening scene and I think the thing that impacted me more than anything else was seeing that hollow look in the firefighter's eyes as they waited on orders as to what to do next.

These firefighters were strapping on 60 lbs. of gear and ascending a stairwell that presented immiment danger - i.e. a collapsing building. Their courage was incredible. They actually believed they could go up there and put that fire out.

Needless to say, many lives were lost by firefighters attempting to rescue the people trapped as well as save a burning building. As the men made their way back to the the station, they openly embraced (hugging and even kissing - love them New Yorkers, many weeped, and others just collapsed under the weight of such an overwhelming event.

So, we decided to do something to say thank you to those who serve our community often with little or no thanks. And we did. (read the next blog)

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