Thursday, August 23, 2007

Judy's first day of school

Welp, it's been a long time in coming and the day was finally here yesterday. Judy headed out to Kirkwood for the first day of her clinical training toward becoming an RN.

Over the next year and about 4 months she will be learning how to care for patients, give shots, and everything else nurses do.

I am so proud of her! We are all pulling for you Judy and it is obvious that this is your true passion in life and God created you to do this! What a cool thing! I love you sweetheart. Tye out.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Judy,
I admire you so much for the way you've presevered over the years towards your nursing degree. It has not been without many obstacles and the need for keeping the goal in sight and a God-given perspecitve of His big picture for your life. I know there's still a lot of work ahead for you, but I'll be praying that the Lord will continue to provide what you (and your family!) need in the coming months!

sharon Pagel