Friday, August 10, 2007

Where is Tye again?

Wow, it has been one of the busiest summers of my life, and the funny thing is I don't know why. But as I sit here in Peoria, Illinois in the breakfast knook of our hotel (I am attending Willow Creek's Leadership Summit) I feel quite content. Judy starts her clinicals in a week and a half. The kids go back to school at the same time. There's still time to ride my bike - yee-haw. We are starting Men's Fraternity in a month and we are adding a Tuesday night group. We have also spent the summer working with other churches in the area who are starting Men's Fraternity groups. In fact, we are going from three churches to almost ten this year.

The summer started off with a trip to Cincy to play with the high school rock band I played with 30 years ago. We just got back from a 9 day road trip visiting family and friends. There were several band gigs and I even got to lead the worship band one Sunday this summer.

Maybe that's why this summer has blown by. hmmm. Tye out.

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