Monday, March 24, 2008

The performance treadmill

Yesterday our senior pastor spoke on the topic of living on the "performance treadmill." We believers have a tendency toward thinking that we have to do something to merit God's favor. We are trained early in life that good things come to you when you do good or right things. Get good grades and you are rewarded. Hit home runs in little league and you bat first. Later we learn that if you work hard you get ahead and receive performance raises and bonuses.

While most of life is about sowing and reaping we do not have to do anything to make him love us any more than he already does.

Many people are living their lives hoping to hear "great job" from a father or mother and it drives them work long hours, strive for perfection, attain higher degrees and worse! Why? Because we need to hear that approval from the people in our lives that mean the most to us.

The bad news? When you get on the performance treadmill you simply wear yourself out and you go nowhere! Do you know anyone like this?

For believers this looks like this: Pray harder! Give more! I have to do this and that to gain God's approval. I have to go to church every time the doors are open!

This is bad because you can never do enough to gain the approval of God since he already loves you as much as anyone could! He sent his son to a brutal death for you and I and there's nothing left to work for.

What are you doing in your life to gain someone's approval? God's approval? Why not rest in God's love and enjoy his faithfulness! Tye out.

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