Friday, March 21, 2008

The Volvo Vampire strikes again

I'm not complaining. Please don't hear that because when someone gives you a car of any sort it is always a blessing especially if it is a Volvo. But I have to say that I have spent A LOT of money on this car over the past two and a half years - A LOT. Even though it only has somewhere around 130k miles on it, the Volvo is still 12 years old.

This morning I hit one of the gazillion potholes here in Cedar Rapids and thanks to a chunk of pavement sticking up in the air I broke the oil pan and oil spewed out trailing a cloud of blue smoke. I've seen enough NASCAR to know that this is an oil problem so I shut the car down and pulled over. You can see the oil all over the place in the pic. Btw, click on the pic above to see the slideshow. (I was just standing around so thought I would snap a couple pics)

For the money I have spent on this car alone, not including our van, I could have bought two new bikes (racing bike~$2000 and mountain bike~$500) and ride them to work and for exercise.


Thankfully, my attitude is good and thankfully it is just money. Tye out.

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