Thursday, March 13, 2008

Where's Tye been?

Where in the world is Tye? Well, I've been right here but have been very busy. Here's a brief outline of what is happening in the life and times of me:

Last week
Taxes to accountant
Pick up taxes at accountant
Fill our FAFSA
Watched Napoleon Dynamite while filling out FAFSA
Premarital meeting for a wedding I am doing Saturday
Campus pastor at our Washington HS site
Numerous meetings
Working on starting a SWAT team - ask me
Date with the stunningly beautiful Judy!
Grocery shopping and some cooking

This week
Allyson to airport this morning for a spring break trip with a friend's family
Tax return for Allyson (Dad doing his H & R Block impression)
Many more meetings
Allyson's car for repair - argh!
Last premarital meeting prior to wedding on Saturday
Continued work on SWAT team
LCAE Executive Board Meeting
CR Jazz Band rehearsal every Monday night - wow is this fun!
Refinance the house - again. We are going the wrong way on this!

In addition to all this, I am now back into a workout regimen and I'm loving it! The kids are all doing well and Judy studies all the time. Since I'm working six days a week margin is practically gone, but I'm not complaining. Thank God for his provision of extra work to help with the budget. Tye out.

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