Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Barak Obama and history in the making

  • My office at First Baptist Church in Medina, Ohio.
  • The milk cooler at Flav-O-Rich Dairy in Rossville, Georgia.
  • My living room in Wadsworth, Ohio.
  • The nursery at the Gospel House in Walton Hills, Ohio.
  • Orchestra/band practice at Temple Baptist Church, Rossville, GA.
Those are some of the places I remember being when history was made or a significant, historic event occurred.

And it is not likely that you will forget what your were doing on this historic day when the first ever African-American was sworn into office as the President of the United States. Our nation has come a long way since the Emancipation Proclamation by Abraham Lincoln, January 1, 1863 as this nation headed toward its third bloody year of civil war.

Our nation has come a long way since the rioting in the south in the 50's and 60's. Desegregation, while messy and difficult, helped move our nation away from segregation and toward a nation where all men are born with "inalienable" rights.

Martin Luther King, Jr. took a stand and would not back down. He had a dream and I can't help think that I am watching that dream come true. Rosa Parks represents African-Americans who took a stand against the evils of segregation and many of them, like King, payed the ultimate sacrifice. (If you click on the link to Martin Luther King, Jr. You will be treated a sermon by Dr. King on servant leadership. Amazing)

Today I feel proud to be an American. I also feel humbled to be a Christ-follower because I realize that it is from the Bible, the Creator God's word to mankind, gives us the rights we so graciously enjoy here in the states. Having been to nations that do not enjoy the freedoms we enjoy here I can say this.

While I most certainly do not agree with much of President Obama's ideology, I am commanded in the Bible to pray for him. No one really knows, outside of God, what the next four years will bring us.

May God bless our new president and his family. May God bless our great nation! Tye out.

P.S. Here is the historical events mentioned in my opening:
  • 9/11 Terrorist Attack (I watched the second plane drive into the tower)
  • Challenger Space Shuttle Disaster
  • U.S. Invasion into Iraq (The next day I flew to Belgium.)
  • O. J. Simpson trial verdict (the only TV at the church was in the nursery for closed circuit)
  • Tragic death of Dale Earnhardt in Daytona, Florida at the Daytona 500.

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