Thursday, January 08, 2009

Painting the master bedroom and bathroom

I had the week off between Christmas and New Year's and came up with a to-do list appropriate to the amount of time I had off - so I thought.

Wednesday morning I picked up the paint at Home Depot and on Friday afternoon I started prepping the rooms to be painted. We moved some of the furniture out and covered everything else. Blue painter's tape protected the woodwork and I readied my canvas drop cloth. Click on the pic for a slide show.

Saturday morning I started "cutting in" which means painting all the edges next to the ceiling and woodwork. This required two coats. Special thanks to Todd Stafford for coming over and helping me. I got the first "cut in" coat done by 12:30 PM and then we headed on to a wedding.

At 6:30 PM I resumed painting as I cut in the second coat. At 11:15 I decided to roll the first coat and it took me until 1:15 am to finish. Sunday afternoon I finished the second coat between the morning and evening services at the church.

Monday night I began the process of putting everything back together and cleaning up. Also, I had to fix a bad crack over the door which involved cutting out part of the old drywall and then retaping it. I decided to paint around the problem while I worked on it. Tonight (Thursday) I applied the texture and tomorrow I will finish painting.

I enjoy painting a great deal because (1) it is fairly easy to do, (2) it is one thing I actually know how to do pretty well, and (3) it is very rewarding when you finish. Tye out.

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