Tuesday, May 09, 2006

American Idol - the Final Four

I'm really getting into this Idol thing. I love analyzing the artists and then hearing the judges analysis. Since there were two songs for each performer, you will see a number after their name to indicate which song I am commenting on. Here's my pre-Randy-Paula-Simon comments, and sometimes post-comments as well:

Taylor1- wow, he even looked like Elvis a little. Nice rendition. He was born to be an Elvis impersonator.* (sorry Simon, I disagree)

Chris1 - too reserved. I wish he would have not held back. It's like he was afraid of it.

Elliot1 - terrible. Goodbye bro. (Wait! Is it possible that the mix that comes through the TV is not as good as what the studio audience hears? The judges loved it. hmmm)

Katharyn1 - Nice outfit, good song, personality like no other idol, coo hair, Aretha Franklin bit, AMAZING!!! The next American Idol!!! Pre-order my Katharyn CD.

Taylor2 - Taylor has got the soul that Elvis had. Nice leather coat - reminiscent of Elvis. Too bad this is not an "Elvis Impersonator"* contest. It's American Idol. I heard there were openings in several lounges in Las Vegas.

Chris2 - nice R & B. Why is he holding back? SING!!! There he goes! I love it when he's up there in the high E range! Nice job.

Elliot2 - man, that was your song. Whoah! Nice job! "Best performance ever" - I agree. (man, the band was rockin'!)

Katharyn2 - Yes, yes and yes! Nice lows, passion, you brought it! I agree with Simon - they weren't her best songs, but what can I say. She has it.

Idol Band - wow, they were hot tonight! Great horn licks! Drummer guy was rockin'!

*Personal note - Believe it or not, I performed with an Elvis impersonator for a summer in 1979. The guy went on later to win a national Elvis Impersonator contest held every year in Memphis. It was a lot of fun. At times it seemed like the "real deal." Glenn Bowles rocks!

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