Tuesday, May 02, 2006

American Idol musings

I am a blessed man! Tonight I was allowed to watch Idol - YEAH!!! Here's a few of my pre-Randy, Paula, Simon thoughts:

Katharine - My choice! She's humble, sweet, beautiful and she can really bring it. I especially love that low alto voice.

Taylor - was Taylor - a cheap lounge act. I think Elvis turned over in his grave.

Chris - wow, chris nailed it! He was a little out of his range on the second. Tired vocal chords.

Paris - 1st song needed a bigger voice, but she still knocked it out. I really like her, but I prefer Katharine.

Elliot - Love the song (Broadway) - ok performance.

I really enjoy listening and analyzing the singers. Being a musician, I have "studied" entertainment for years and what makes a good performance and a mediocre one. It's a fun hobby.

So, I'm voting (no, I don't call in) for Katharine. Chris would be second. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

you should put your dialing fingers where your typing fingers are and call in to vote. if poor katharine gets sent packing...how could you live with yourself?

Tye Male said...

I agree with Jodee. Thankfully, we have two really strong contenders this time, unlike the Fantasia year. This is going to be fun!!!