Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Idol Finale

(I missed the finale - was leading a Bible study)

Short and simple - the real winner was Chris, runner-up was Kat, and Taylor who? I didn't vote, so go ahead and blame me. Rett - you figured me out. I love sappy, female balladiers (Kat, Olivia, Martina, Tracy Marie, Darlene Zschech, Celine - my personal all-time fav.) Todd - you prognosticated a Chris/Kat showdown EARLY in the contest. I agree - another winner who will amount to nothing after winning. Taylor has a great voice, but an American Idol shouldn't resemble an Elvis impersonator.

See ya next season.


Anonymous said...

My only comment now is, listen to what the editor of Rolling Stones magazine has to say about Taylor and you will get the real scoop. He (the editor) was on one of the morning shows today and basically said, "Taylor won't sell, but Kat is very marketable!". He said a whole lot more, but I won't spew it now. His expert opinion this morning was just an echo of what I've been saying for weeks about Taylor. TTFN Todd

Anonymous said...

If American Idol was based purely on one category of "what is entertainment?"... each contestant would win based on their personal strengths. Yes... the American Idol is selected based on a combination of contestant's strengths.... voice, personality, entertainer, looks, stage presence, etc. Kat had her strengths, so did Chris and the others. But at the end of the day Taylor was likeable and had strengths in multiple areas.

TC :-)