Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Graduate

Me, Andrew and Judy
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Our wonderful son Andrew graduated from Linn-Mar High School today, our first-born. It has been an extremely exciting weekend for a number of reasons. Judy's parents came in Wednesday night and surprised the kids - REALLY surprised them! Then, Judy's brother and sister-in-law and kids came in on Saturday morning. It was a wonderful time! Now, back to our son...

Andrew was born in Chattanooga Tennessee and has been involved in sports all along. He was an excellent soccer player, but eventually found his way to basketball where he really excelled. He also got very involved in video editing and has become quite accomplished in writing, shooting, producing, and editing videos. He hopes someday to be involved in some aspect of film, maybe even a film director! WOW! We are so proud of him.

Andrew is planning to attend Kirkwood Community College in the fall to study Marketing and Film. He plans to then transfer to the University of Iowa after two years.

Andrew - we are SO proud of you! Congratulations Graduate! If you would like to see his senior pictures click here.

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