Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Idol Final

Tonight's the final night of competition and it all comes down to two performers: Katharine McPhee & Taylor Hicks. Here's my pre-judge comments comments. In some cases I comment on the judges comments. Here goes!

McPhee#1 - very entertaining, soulful, good lows (her best range). I would have liked something a bit more powerful, but I think she was in her element.I agree with Paula. I agree with Simon. The occasion, in fact, deserved a better song, but it was a good warm up.

Taylor#1 - OMG! I love the song - perfect for him. What's up with the purple, lounge-lizard jacket. Hands down, the dude can sing. Great energy! (I wish Kathryn would have come out swinging like he did.)

McPhee#2 - I missed it. A guest stopped by. I can't believe I missed my fav song twice. It's online so I'll watch it later.

Taylor#2 - It was good. I especially like it when he doesn't dance all around. It WAS pitchy. You have to sing in tune.

McPhee#3 - Piano is out of tune. First note - she wins again. Elegant. I wish they would have raised it one half pitch to Bb. The last note sold me! First note, last note. I am putty and a bit emotional. THAT'S what makes am American Idol.

Taylor#3 - I guess he CAN sing a ballad. Real pitchy. I'm sorry, but he doesn't do anything for me. I guess the judges like them. Simon? What's up with that comment? If he's the next idol, I'm sad. (sorry Loretta)

Conclusion - Remember when Nadia nailed the perfect 10 on the balance beam? I do. I still get misty even thinking about it. A performance that moves me. When Lance rode to an inconceivable 6 straight TDFs I cried. I like Taylor - I love Katharine.

(Funny thing. I switched channels to the Academy of Country Music Awards and Dirks Bentley was singing and it wasn't very good. He was pitchy and mediocre. THERE!)

Welp, America will now vote. I hope Kat wins. I'm out.

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Budd said...

Elliot deserved the win and Kat was second, but America loves to slow down and watch an accident, so they voted for taylor.