Friday, September 26, 2008

David Sanborn in concert

Sanborn on stage - pic taken with my phone

I had the opportunity to hear saxophonist David Sanborn on Wednesday night in Des Moines (that's in Iowa for those of you in Ohio) thanks to my good friend Dave Kvindlog. And it was an incredible concert. The amazing thing to me was the fact that Sanborn is still playing almost exactly the way he played 30 years ago and even played a lot of the same songs. But it was still incredible.

Back in the early eighties I purchased a Dukoff mouthpiece made popular by Sandborn and pursued a sound similar to his. At one time I could play his style with some success and even today there are times when I am improvising that you might be able to hear his influence in my playing.

The other story here is the band. wow. And that mighty Hammond B-3 organ. If you know me, you know that I love that instrument. It was incredible. Awesome night of jazz. Thanks Dave, both of you. Tye out.

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Unknown said...

What a terrific concert!!! Thanks for going with me, Tye. It was a great day, starting with Men's Fraternity and ending with such musical talent and great conversation in the car.

You gave honorable mention to the band. I must agree. That bass player laid down a consistent complex bottom line throughout the concert, giving the music real depth and rhythm. The drummer must have been powered by Energizer batteries. And the guitarist was the best I've seen in my life -- never missed a note...what solos! Thanks, Tye and David Sanborn, for a great night on the town!!!

(And thank you too, Judy, for sharing Tye with me that night!)