Monday, September 29, 2008

My son's video work - Fall Fest Promo

Every year our children's ministry at NCBC puts on an incredible, indoor, festival as an alternative to "trick or treating" and it is always a big hit with our church families. Even though it is classified as an outreach, I am not sure that the unchurched will come to church on this night when trick or treating is the feature. Any how...

NCBC will NOT be having its annual fall fest because Eight Days of hope will be using our entire building as we reach out to families affected by the flood. So, we have to change our strategy, and if you ask me it is time. (but I doubt anyone asked me)

In order to communicate this change in strategy, my son Andrew and our Young Adult Pastor, Erin Bird, did a video and it is REALLY good. I also love this style of video. Check it:

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