Monday, September 29, 2008

Fireproof - the movie

Someone just sent me this vid from the Today Show about the new movie Fireproof. The star, Kirk Cameron (Growing Pains) was interviewed by two women - I don't know who they are. During the interview I want you notice the women's response to Kirk's comments about his marriage and his integrity. They are practically drooling over these "archaic" concepts of commitment and love. Interesting, especially in light of the current culture. Watch this:

Men's Fraternity kicked off this past week with over 180 men in attendance in three sessions. Our topic this season is Winning at Work and Home and we are going to be talking a lot about a man and his relationship with his wife, or even significant other. This movie, though I have not seen it yet, seems like one that ties in perfectly with what our men will be studying this year. It is my prayer that every single man in our church AND Cedar Rapids could attend this training and then begin applying the concepts that make for healthy relationships. Please join us!


Anonymous said...

Interviewer, Kathy Lee Gifford, is a born again believer. She graduated from Oral Roberts University. She starred with Regis Philbin for 15 years, "Regis and Kathy Lee."

Anonymous said...

I just got back from watching Fireproof... it was great to see such a different-flavored movie on the regular, big screen