Thursday, January 01, 2009

.4235 lb burgers on the grill

It's been a couple months since we had hamburgers on the grill so I decided to fire up the grill and have an indoor picnic tonight. I took pictures of the evening and you can see them by clicking here.

As I was doing the cooking encountered a couple minor issues:

1. The 29 degrees Fahrenheit caused the charcoal to take 45 minutes to heat up, rather than the usual 20 minutes.

2. I thought the packages of ground beef contained one pound each. They were two pound packages. I typically make four burgers per pound, so we had 1/2 pound burgers. Since the meat was 93% lean, they were REALLY around .4235 pounds each. The burgers were filling.

3. The cooking of the .4235 lb burgers took a lot longer to cook than a .263 burger would.

4. The cold temps also added to the cooking time, so it took about 30 minutes to cook the .4235 lb burgers.

The family was appreciative of the delicious .4235 lb hamburgers even though three folks could not finish theirs! Tye out.

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Anonymous said...

You have officially lost your marbles! :) Miss you all. tm