Friday, January 16, 2009

President Bush's Final TV Address

President Bush's final TV address on Thursday, January 15 was upstaged by a near tragic event on the Hudson River where a pilot of an Airbus 320 managed to ditch his crippled plane in the river. Pres. Bush endured an incredibly difficult 8 years and had many, many successes. Click here to hear the 14 minute speech.

I am saddened that our nation has elected an inexperienced candidate who has already changed his mind on many things. What is sadder is the fact that the press, who attacked Sarah Palin and John McCain with a vengeance for everything they said, has once again given "their" candidate a free pass.

I would like to honor President Bush and say thank you for serving our country through some very difficult times. Thank you for keeping your promises and having integrity while doing so. Thank you for the example you provided us as a strong, yet compassionate leader. You never asked our country to go where you had never been.

God bless the Bush's as they return to "normal" life and may God bless our great nation!

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Anonymous said...

...tye, once again you have spoken truth...