Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Divorce Court

WARNING - this is a rant. Nothing less. I am pretty heated up on something so if you don't like rants you should probably stop reading. Consider yourself warned.

Monday a good friend, neighbor, and best friend of my daughter Mackenzie was in divorce court which explains the reason we are in Cleveland Ohio right now. I'm going to leave out the real names but everything within me wants to expose this individual for the real person he is and how angry I feel right now.

We arrived at court on Monday morning to help support our friend to find that her husband together with his attorney and court appointed guardian of the children have made a case that she is emotionally unstable (she is NOT) in spite of the fact that she has numerous people who can vouch for her abilities as a wife AND mother. argh!!!!

The husband/father was able to gain custody of the children and also won the house to live in. Essentially, the wife/mother was kicked out of the house and her children taken away from her. He gets the kids for two week and and she gets them for one week.

There are so many issues here, but I want to deal with just one: husbands are called by God to love their wives unconditionally. Men are supposed to love and protect their wives (and women in general!) and this man did none of the above.

I am so angry right now. How can a man (who claims to be a believer and his work involves churches) have an affair (uncontested fact), sue his wife for a divorce, kick her out of the house and take the children away from her. She had no income at the time and could not afford a "high-power" attorney like her husband could - did I tell you he kept the family finances away from her and when her food allowance ran out she was on her own - for years? Then, make a case that she is emotionally unstable? DUH!!!!

This man (the evil one who is treating his wife like dirt and then claiming that she is emotionally unstable) - I forgot what I was going to say. argh!!!!

Back to my one point. What part of "husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave..." don't you undersand? My job as a husband is to love my wife - period. Man I'm hot. Tye out.

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