Monday, April 14, 2008

Adult Singles Leadership Team in Springfield Illinois

(L to R: Ginny Larsen, unidentified Union Officer, Steve Cooper~front, Ed Larsen~back, another unidentified Union Officer, Dianna Burnett, Dave Taylor)

This past weekend the leadership team for our Singles Together ABF, a Bible study group who also does activities, headed to Westside Christian Church in Springfield, Illinois to meet with a team that has been doing what we are trying to do for around 20 years now. It was our goal to meet and interact with members of Westside's singles leadership team and attend their ABF on Sunday morning. You can click on the pic above for a slideshow.

We left Saturday morning for the four hour drive and after lunch went to the Lincoln Museum which was totally amazing. The Ghosts of the Library featured special effects produced by Holavision where ghosts interacted with an onstage performer. It was truly amazing and well worth the trip. (In case you have been there, click here to discover how they do it.)

Saturday night we had supper with about 16 people from Westside's Single's leadership team and then had dessert at Julie's house where we interacted with them on several topics we were hoping to get answers on. The fellowship was great and the dessert was even better!

Sunday morning we went to the ABF, church, and then headed back to CR. Thanks to Steve Cooper for arranging the trip, Ed Larsen for driving, and Dianna Burnett, Dave Taylor and Ginny Larsen for going as well. Thanks to Gary Winkleman and his great team of folks who made us feel so welcomed. Tye out.

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