Saturday, April 19, 2008

I'm Mr. Incredible!

Mackenzie has a friend over for the weekend and you just gotta love watching two ten year old girls play and have a good time with one another. Michaela and Mackenzie...I'll come back to them in a minute.

I was getting ready to leave for CR Jazz Band dress rehearsal when I looked up at the ceiling in our bedroom and noticed a wet spot. RATS! (that's Christian swearing) What should I do? Call a roofing pro? Go up in the attic and check it out? hmmmm. I was running close on time and really didn't have time for this.

So I decided to put a bucket up in the attic to catch the water until I get back this afternoon and then I would address the issue. So I got some 2x4's and a drywall mud bucket and headed up.

Oh, did I tell you my attitude went down the drain? "Why me?" "It's been one thing after the next!" "When will the trials never end!" "We'll never get ahead financially at this rate!" Woe is me.

I discovered that birds had built a nest in the ridge vent and it was wicking water and dripping it right on our ceiling. I cleared out the nest and in 10 minutes I was finished!

I was getting ready to leave and I was celebrating my minor victory over the roof leak and Michaela shouted out "you ARE Mr. Incredible!" Thanks Michaela for believing in me! I then told my wife and Mackenzie that THAT is my love language and I need to hear that kind of stuff!

We all need an encouraging word from time to time. How about building up someone you love today!

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