Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The staff that plays together...

Today was our fifth Tuesday of the month staff party at New Covenant Bible Church and it was a blast! You gotta love a church that values teamship so much that they provide this in order for us to spend time together.

The festivities started out with some great food from BBQ This! which included double-smoked chopped beef, smoked turkey, cheesy potatoes, and delicious brownies to name a few items.

Mark Forstrom (our Senior High Pastor) was in charge of our game time this month and we did some awesome icebreaker style games to help us get to know one another, and to have fun of course! We ran out of time but not before we were able to pose with a tug-o-war rope even though we never had the tug-o-war. You can click on the pic for a brief slideshow.

The final question to discuss was "what most do you like about the staff at NCBC?" I responded that I love the grace that our staff gives and receives. I have worked in legalistic environments before where verbal lashings were the norm during staff meetings and you constantly worked to protect yourself from the next verbal rebuke in front of everyone. This is most definitely NOT the case at New Covenant where we value grace. This environment is fertile soil for attempting great things for God and discovering how best to serve him and his people. In a "graceless" environment everyone works at self-protection and often to the detriment of one another and the organization.

Secondly, I appreciate our value of teamship. We do everything at NCBC in teams. No one person leads ministry at our church, pastors included. Everyone does everything in teams.

NCBC has to have one of the healthiest church staffs on the planet. I wish that everyone could experience what I have over the past nearly three years. Tye out.

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