Saturday, April 29, 2006

A day with daughter

Mackenzie at Flowerama

Andrew and Allyson are off at the senior high retreat, which leaves us with Morgan and Mackenzie. Well, Morgan slept all day which left us with Mackenzie, who was bored. I auditioned for the Cedar Rapids Municipal band today so I took KK with me. She really enjoys being on the go and spending time with her dad.

We stopped by the flower shop where I buy flowers for Judy every week (that's not a typo) and bought her a beautiful white rose with baby's breath. She loved it!

Then, we headed to the library for books on the Statue of Liberty - cool stuff - while I studied for my small group which meets tonight.

What a wonderful day to spend an afternoon. I love you KK!

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Anonymous said...

That's one happy girl. Thanks for being such a good example for the rest of us, Tye. You're a hard act to follow. But the cool part is that it's not an act. It's part of being a servant leader -- it your HEART. God definitely has a strong hold on it. Your girls ( wife) are Blessed!