Saturday, April 29, 2006

Servant leaders are BEST!

(Servant leader Mark Forstrom answers to the phone at ncbc)

I have almost "gushed" about the fact that our church is staffed with servant-leaders so I hate to keep talking about it, but I can't! Our Friday receptionist had emergency surgery Thursday night and one of our other Administrative Professionals was out sick. That left Brenda except for a few hours in the morning when the sick admin pro came in and worked - thanks Terri!

That leads me to servant leader Mark Forstrom. He stepped right up and offered to answer phones while he worked on stuff with his laptop. I enjoyed having him there working and it was hilarious to overhear conversations that he had with callers wandering why he was answering phones.

May I help you? Learn how to say this phrase and say it often. (Jesus did.)

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