Sunday, September 30, 2007

Digging the window well

Me digging a ditch - click for more pics

In the continuing saga of the basement remodel I had to dig out the window well to make room for a larger egress window. The concrete cutters are coming in the morning to cut the foundation to accommodate the larger window. The concrete guys need the well to be a foot below where the cut will take place so let the digging begin. I only had a couple hours this afternoon to get this done - and I did. And I learned some lessons...

First of all, I should be thankful that the Lord has blessed me with a great job where I typically use more of my head than my back. And next time I complain about my work day, maybe I'll grab a shovel and dig a hole.

Second, you can only handle life one shovel load at a time. At one point it wasn't looking like I would finish the job in time to head back to church. In fact, I became a little overwhelmed. Then, I reminded myself to concentrate on one shovel load at a time. It worked. I finished in time. Tye out.

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