Sunday, November 25, 2007

The basement has been painted!!!

90 sheets of drywall, 50 gallons of drywall mud (10 buckets), 24 gallons of paint, and the basement has now been painted!!! YEAH! You can click on the pic for a slide show. Click here to see pics of me and Judy! She's soooo cute! Judy took some time out from studying to help cut in the ceilings.

One year ago tomorrow I set out to construct a bedroom and a bathroom in the basement for my son who is living at home while attending college. Actually, tomorrow is the one year anniversary of getting my building permit. Now, 365 days later we now have about 850 square feet of living space because it seemed logical (at the time1) to go ahead and do the whole basement.

This week we'll be hanging the doors, grouting the tile floor, covering up some exposed Romex wiring, installing a combustion air vent, and staining the door trim. Next comes the bathroom fixtures, and then carpet.

This Christmas I am planning to take some time off!!! Tye out.

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