Tuesday, June 17, 2008

CR Flood of 2008 update #6

Yesterday I was called to be a "checkpoint pastor" which meant that I was supposed to be available to people as they re-entered their homes. I arrived at 11:30 and was told to "stand down" at 11:45. We are now waiting on the call to go back when they begin allowing people to go back into the flooded areas. This is tedious and tricky stuff since there are many dangerous concerns such as gas leaks, unsafe foundations, and haz-mat issues. And this is making the people very angry!

At noon I pulled out and the car I was borrowing (see pic above) quit - I thought it might have run out of gas even though the guage was on 1/4 tank. So, I borrowed a gas can and walked to a nearby gas station and when I returned the car would not start. After a long time I finally got it to start, but then could not keep it running. In the meantime it sprung a severe oil leak.

I called the car's owner and he called the tow truck. It was almost four o'clock by the time I got home. Now I am without a car again. Pray for me.

At 5:45 PM I went over to Sam's Club to help wrap up the water distribution, came home and collapsed. I think I was tired from Sunday.

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