Saturday, June 14, 2008

My message for this Sunday - Father's Day

I am speaking this Sunday and I just wrapped up my preparation. I am speaking on the biblical manhood and will be sharing some of the things that we have learned in Men's Fraternity while studying The Quest for Authentic Manhood.

The essence of the message will outline the biblical definition of manhood. We believe that real men will:

1. Reject passivity - in the Garden of Eden Adam surrendered his manhood when he stood by and allowed Eve to be deceived by the enemy. In contrast to this, Christ came and took an active role in our salvation.

2. Accept Responsibility - when God came looking for them to see what was up, he asked Adam what happened and he blames God for the wife he had given him. He played the victim. Christ accepted responsibility by loving the church and dying for it.

3. Lead courageously - Adam waited to see what his wife was going to do instead of stepping up and leading her away from this tragic mistake. Conversely, Christ said "follow me." He never waited to see what someone else was going to do but rather took a proactive stance.

4. Expect a greater reward, God's reward - Adam went after a reward that was not his, i.e. become like God. When we follow Christ's way there is always a great reward.

Please pray that I will share with God's strength and that he will change the lives of men in our church tomorrow. PT out. (Pastor Tye)

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