Monday, June 16, 2008

Epic Flood in Cedar Rapids, Iowa 2008 - part five

New Covenant Bible Church has been asked by the city to man one of our bottled water sites at Sam's Club on Blairs Ferry Road. It is truly amazing to see our city coming together to help meet the needs of people who have been wiped out by this devastation.

Water restriction - our water plant is now at 50% and we are allowed to take brief showers and do laundry every other day depending on your house number. We are still trying to be wise in our water usage.

Flood waters are receding - but the big concern now is the very unsafe conditions that the flood has left. Raw sewage is everywhere and people are being warned to get a free tetanus shot if you get cut.

Zone Checkpoint Pastors - our area pastors have been asked to be at the eleven checkpoints where people are being taken to their homes to assess damage. I will be serving as one today.

Please continue to pray for our city. This is going to take a long, long time to recover. Tye out.

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