Friday, June 13, 2008

Epic Flood in Cedar Rapids, Iowa 2008 - part two

(Dairy Queen before and after flood. The water is up to the bottom of the sign at this point and to the roof)

Wednesday night I hopped on my bike and headed downtown to see the flood with my own eyes. At that point it was a little over 20 feet and was supposed to go to 24.5. As I rode out onto the First Avenue bridge I was sobered by the rush of the water and the thought that in just hours the place where I was standing would have water. At that time I had no idea that the water would be 10 feet higher! Man.

As I rode around you could see all the sandbags around the buildings, again set up for a flood stage of 22.5. Crews were loading sandbags and some were taking pictures, sheepishly I might say.

The mood was sober and the atmosphere ominous. Usually people talk to you, smile, nod, and exchange pleasantries. There was none of that. It was like attending a funeral. No chit chat, nothing. Tears came to my eyes several times and just as I typed that they did again. Tye, down, but not out.

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