Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy birthday Mackenzie Noelle

Jaicey and Mackenzie celebrate

11 years ago today a precious little girl came into this world, Mackenzie Noelle Male. We loved the name Mackenzie Noelle and since she was born two days after Christmas we knew that Noelle would have to be part of her name.

Mackenzie received a pink desk chair, primarily due to the fact that she takes ours! Click here for a slide show of this evening's festivities. Jaicey was able to join us this evening.

Mackenzie is our fourth child, yet she exhibits a lot of the traits of a first born. She is a strong leader and has great critical thinking skills. She is able to intuitively dissect a task into parts, create a list and delegate responsibility. I'm describing an 11 year old! Yet, with the leadership gift I understand that the greatest leader is the greatest servant.

I thank God for his wonderful gift of Mackenzie. I love you Kenzie! Dad out.

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