Thursday, December 25, 2008

Road Trip Pics and an amphibious car

We left Cedar Rapids around 6:20 AM, only 20 minutes behind schedule and arrived in Cincy about 9 hours later. At 5:30 AM Morgan recommended that we use the cartop carrier which I did not want to use due to the -6 F temps. Welp, I put on my coveralls (pronounced "coverhauls") and braved the early morning sub-zero temps and I was glad for it. Click here for some pics.

The girls settled in and went to sleep and I enjoyed some country music while cruising through the Iowa country side watching the sun come up. We watched a couple movies and listened to Christmas music for a while too.

Somewhere in Illinois or Indianna we saw an amphibious car on a flat bed. (See pic above) If you know anything about this car I would appreciate hearing about it. UPDATE: After a quick internet search I discovered that the car we saw was the "Aquicar." There is a website devoted to this unusual car.

I enjoy travelling immensely and hope that in the next couple years will be able to take a couple family vacations once Judy is working and we can budget for such luxuries!

Click here for some pics of the sites! Tye out.


bob powe said...

Across the street from I where I was raised in Lakewood, OH was an Aquacar dealership...we're talking a small storefront with maybe two or three cars in parked in front...I once saw one entering the Rocky River at the boat ramp...drove right past the other trailers and into the water...I think they did about 20 miles an hour tops in the water...not good on Lake Erie though (waves, etc.)

Tye said...

I did some reading on those cars and they are extremely rare. I think they only built around 3-6k of them in the 60's for civilian use. I would not have enjoyed being in one on Lake Erie!

How are the Powe's? How are the kids? I hope all is well you and Pegi. belated Christmas wishes and Happy New Year!