Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Judy begins clinicals at Hiawatha Care Center

Yesterday morning Judy made her way over to Hiawatha (a couple miles) to start the hands on aspect of her RN training. She spent most of the day researching drugs but did get to give a shot to someone - and so far they have not died!!! ha! The picture was taken at 6:40 AM and she looks ready-to-go!

These are busy days around the Male's household. Two people in college, a basement remodeling project, and jobs for three of the six in our home. Judy has never worked outside the home so this has been an adjustment for everyone. Thankfully the children are older now and can fend for themselves. Mackenzie needs coaching every now and then but pretty much knows what to do.

Congrats Judy on another milestone. Tye out.

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